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  • Elisa Carbone was raised in Arlington, Virginia. She attended college at University of Maryland and also received two master’s degrees from University of Maryland, one in Speech Communication and the other in Education. She now lives part time in the Washington D.C. area and part time in the mountains of West Virginia. Elisa Carbone is a full-time writer and a part-time rock climber, windsurfer, and white water paddler. she was born in 1975 in virgina. she is an outdoorsmen. Her books include Stealing Freedom, Storm Warriors, The Pack, Last Dance on Holladay Street, and her popular middle grade novels, Starting School With an Enemy and Sarah and the Naked Truth. Her most recent historical novel, Blood on the River: James Town 1607 is a School Library Journal Best Book of the Year for 2006 and winner of the Virginia Library Association’s 2007 Jefferson Cup Award. other than books she rights diarys and or jurnals. Growning up she always enjoyed writing in fact she wrote books before she could even write. thanks to her farther she would tell him the story and he would write it down. the thats where her mom came in she would proof read, and type it. with the help of her parents she was able to write at a vary eary age.


  • The story begins with a boy by the name of critter and he is in a psych ward and he says i am not my body, i am part of a force so hudge and powerful, it defies understanding, i am that force, the things i see and touch-the wall, the window, my fingers spread in front of the sunlight,my hair falling into my eyes-are no more solid than the air. its all illusion. There is absolutely nothing to be afriad of. Then he goes on to say according to my parents and the doctors here, i am insane. Then the next main character comes in the next chapter her name is P.K. she is upset tha her parents are sending her to boarding school and all she wants to do is clime rocks and go on adventures.these are the only main characters they run in to mean people like helga the men nurse at the psych ward but they do run into alot of nice people like truckdrivers on there way to there kids birthday partyor the religious family on there way to las vegas. They meet all sorts of interestings people like professonal rock climers and store owners. They meet some body new almost every chapter. P.K and Critter become vary colse friends and they both love a good adventure. when they first meet they dont know what to think of the other but they learn the true vaule of friendship and trust. they both have a hard time dealing with there families, and critter has a hard time dealing with helga during his escape from the ward. even after escaping he has a hard time because are slow to ware off. P.K has a hard time dealing with her parents and friends, not only does she miss them but they are hunting her down to find where ther little girl has run off to. they both have a problem with the police not only has critter escaped a psych ward but P.K has ran away from home. the plot of the story is two kids are not happy with there life so they set to make a new better life. then they find each other fall in love and they travel the west but there not just sight seeing. there being chased by the police. the have to really on there friendship and trust each other.

book review

  • I am not sure what I expected when picking up Jump, honestly it sounds like an ok book, a non assuming, summer read that's about rock climbing, with maybe a little twist. I enjoyed the nature that was in the books the way it was discribe was amazeing. on the back of the book it reads behind us i can hear them, crashing through the undergrowth, talking on there radios, coming closer. a tall pine stands at the edge. I run to and stop. far below the valley, laid out in greens and grays. below me is a sheer cliff all the way to the valley floor. i hear P.K ragged breathing beside me. you ready to lose them? i ask. she looks at me, confused. i take her shoulders and move her to the right of the tree. i stand to the left of it. on three we jump, i say. ready? she nods, but i can see the panic rising in her eyes and in her colers. dont think about it isay quickly. the voices are closer. one two three! Jump. That is what P.K. has done. A totally wild, crazy jump from a restrictive life with her family into a life of total adventure—rock-climbing out west with a guy she barely knows. At first, everything’s amazing. Not only are they climbing in awesomely beautiful national parks like Yosemite but they seem awesomely made for one another. P.K. is in heaven. And then the cops show up . with an arrest warrant. And P.K. has to decide who to believe this amazing guy whom she trusts with her life —or the cops, who want her to believe that he may take her life.

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